How much does it cost to hire a project manager?

Project managers are critical to complex business processes. They will help improve workflows, save money and time, keep deliverables on track, and coordinate teams around the globe. Whether they’re guiding products for a mobile app development company, deploy critical infrastructure, or a tech BI project, project managers will take a lot of the guesswork out of how things get done.

If you’re about to kick-off on a big project that you think could use some guidance from an experienced project manager, you might be wondering what it will cost you. That will depend on the complexity of your project and what specific expertise you’ll want your project manager to have.

In this article, we’ll look at those and a few other cost factors to consider when drafting a project description and reviewing proposals from potential project managers.

Please find the common daily rates used in the IT sector. Most of the Freelancers are working with intermediate companies. These intermediate companies charge up to 15% of the total fee.

Skill levelDaily rate (excl. VAT)
Junior€400 – €550
Medior€550- €650
Senior€650 – €850
Expert€850 – …
Daily Rates Freelance Project Manager Belgium

The daily rates may vary between different regions and contract duration.

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