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Detailed information on the responsibilities and skills of a Junior, Medior and Senior Project Manager

Junior PM: 1-3 yrs exp, assist senior PMs, monitor progress, little autonomy. Medior PM: 3-5 yrs exp, lead small-medium projects, manage budgets, more autonomy. Senior PM: 5+ yrs exp, lead large complex projects, mentor juniors, high autonomy, strong leadership & financial skills.

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Style Flavors for Project Managers Explained in Colors

Blue: The blue project manager is methodical, analytical and organized. They focus on planning, structure and process, and are driven by a desire to ensure …

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Project Kick-Off Meeting Agenda

A meeting agenda helps you and your colleagues prepare for a meeting and guide yourselves through the items you need to discuss. Time spent in planning an agenda will likely save time for all meeting participants by providing a clear set of topics, objectives, and time frames.

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