The Basics of Project Management

Phase areaConcept/DefinitionPlanningExecutionCloseout
Scope– Conduct interviews
– Establisch change control plan
– Indentify scope statement
– Establisch change control plan
– Verify plan
– Control scope
– Manage schedule
– Ensure scope met the customer’s needs
– Costumer acceptance
TimeDetermine length of project– Create work breakdown structure
– Create project plan
– Follow project plan
– Validate milestone
– Control schedule
Closeout project plan
Cost– Estimate budget
– Identify fixed cost
– Create baseline
– Cost/benefit analyses
– Manage budget
– Identify overruns
– Control cost
– Closeout buget
– Inform Finance
QualityWhat are the expectations?– Indentify project specs
– Indentify how quality will be measured
– Perform quality checks
– Measure results
– Corrective action
– Future changes discussed
– Final report
– Meet customer expections
HRIdentify staffing requirements, skills en time– approve team
– Hire staff
– Assign tasks
– Perform tasks
– Manage slack time
– Team building
– Reassign sources
– Performance evaluation
Communication– Have kickoff meeting
– Identify stakeholders
– Develop reporting process
– Build communication plan
– Provide status
– Manage change
– Notify of closure
– Administrative closeout and sign-off
Risk– Too vague of a scope is a risk
– Identify potential risks
– Determine contingecy plan
– Risk plan
– Risk analysis
Monitor risks– Fully test implementation
– Final risk report
Procurement– Identify facilities/hardware needed– Purchase material
– Create procurement plan
Validate budgetObtain sign-off for install
DurationA couple of daysA couple of weeks to monthsA couple of days to weeksA couple of hours to days
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